Avoiding Spills and Splashes

Coffee or any liquid beverage tends to find their way to your work table. After all, staying hydrated is a key to achieving better health. But what happens if you accidentally spill your liquid contents onto your important documents or worst, your laptop? Once you’re done blaming the world and cursing that cup for ruining your shiny laptop, here’s what you need to do.

Firstly, remove all power cords and USB devices attached to the computer. If your laptop has a removable battery, take that out too. Cutting the power to the laptop can prevent potential internal shocks or damages to the delicate components within.

Next, be sure to clean up the mess around the table and the keyboard. If the spillage was onto the keyboard, use a blotting method instead of wiping to prevent anymore liquid from entering the internal compartment of the laptop.

You may still be able to salvage your laptop if the liquid spilled was plain water or non-sugary liquids by flipping the laptop upside down and letting it drain and dry overnight. Use a stand fan to blow against the area of spillage to hasten the speed of evaporation. If the liquid content spilled was a huge of amount coffee, juice, tea, soda or sweetened drinks, you still can try the drying out method. But if it does not turn on the day after even with the power cord plugged in, it is advisable to bring your laptop to the repair shop. You can either get them to do a professional clean up of any residue within the laptop or at least get them to salvage the hard drive and recover your important documents.


If you find yourself bumping or knocking the items around your table frequently, you might want to consider getting a silicone keyboard cover. Apart from preventing liquids from entering the laptop from the keyboard area, it also prevents dust and debris from entering too.

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P.S. Try to back up your important documents and precious photo collections even when no spillages happens as it’s a good practice to do so! You never know when any nasty virus attack might happen or when your laptop hardware fails on you!

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