Beautifying yourself with Coffee

Coffee works in magical ways. From keeping you awake through dreadfully long work meetings to burning the midnight oil while mugging for your exams and tests, coffee is many people’s best friend. But did you know that aside from chugging mugs after mugs of coffee down your throat, coffee also does wonders to your skin through other applications?

Ladies, this article’s for you as we venture into 5 beautifying elements that coffee provides.

1. Antioxidant Blitz.

      Everyone emphasizes the need for antioxidants in your diet. It combats free radical damage from pollution, radiation and other chemicals. But it is typically associated with healthy foods such as apricots, pomegranate, berries, and grapes and you’re not watching your diet that strictly for the week. Fret not as your daily cuppa contains a certain amount of antioxidants too!

      2. Locks of love for caffeine.

          Another function that antioxidants provide is to protect your lavish and delicate hair follicles. Shampoo that contains caffeine or other byproducts of coffee prevents breakage, split ends and enhances the natural shine.

          3. No love for love handles.

              Due to its diuretic characteristics, coffee can minimise the visibility of cellulite by diffusing fluids away from fat cells and dehydrating them. This will result in shrinking the cells and a visible tightening effect on the skin.

              4. Brightening up more in the morning.

                  We all know the lovely feeling of waking up to a hot and fresh cup of coffee. It’s therapeutic for the mind and heavenly for the soul. What about the body? Try using face masks containing elements and chemicals from coffee! Leveraging on the stimulating characteristics of coffee, the face mask will help improve blood flow around the face, making it look radiant and brighter. Say goodbye to post beauty sleep droopy eyes and cheeks!

                  5. Squeaky clean.

                      Don’t just throw your used coffee grounds away. Put it on yourself. Literally. Coffee grounds do wonders to your skin as a body scrub! Compared to factory made sand-like particles used in cheap body scrubs, coffee grounds feels softer and not as harsh. The grounds also has exfoliating properties and will get rid of dead skin cells, resulting in silky smooth skin without getting the irritation post bath!

                      Not sure of which coffee grounds to try? Go for our almighty coffee house blend and soothe both your skin and your coffee cravings! We even have a step-by-step guide on how to brew your coffee from the comforts of your own home.

                      And there you have it. Start doing more with your coffee and beautify yourself. Just try not to scare your loved ones with a pitch black coffee facial mask in the middle of the night.

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