Coffee and the Loo

Do you find yourself visiting the toilet after having your first cup of coffee? Is it almost always a number 2? Well, at least Jasper does it every morning when he arrives in our office. Today we are taking matters light by exploring 5 facts of the relationship between coffee and poop.

  • Tickling your intestines

When your body consumes coffee, your body’s reaction is to release a hormone that stimulates a particular part in your large intestines. Scientists have not found a reason for this reaction.

  • It's not you, it's me

Even decaf coffee triggers this reaction in your body, so that means it is not the caffeine that makes you want to poop.

  • T - 4 minutes

All it takes is 4 minutes for your body to feel the urge to poop after consuming your coffee. The amount of coffee to trigger the poop sense varies on each individual.

  • No idea what are we talking about? You’re not alone

For those people who don’t understand what we are we talking about in this article, it’s okay. Only 30% of coffee drinkers are affected by this syndrome.

  • Ladies first

We’re sorry to hear this but, ladies, you’re twice as likely to have this syndrome as compared to men. Is that why the queue for the Ladies is always so long?


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We are almighty.