Is instant coffee bad for you?

We’ve heard old relatives and friends telling us 3-in-1 coffee are not good for your health because it contains a lot of harmful chemicals as compared to freshly brewed coffee. Although they simply mean the best of intentions for you, is it actually true? Do instant coffee actually check out as “bad” coffee?

Fortunately, they are not! Instant coffee is very similar and as healthy as compared to their freshly brewed counterparts!

To understand why is it not considered “bad coffee, we have to first understand more about this commonly found product.

How is it made?

Instant coffee is simply dried coffee extract. Manufacturers brew coffee in a huge amount of coffee beans to make the concentrate. The water present in the coffee is then removed through either spray-drying or freeze-drying it. The powdery substance that remains is known as instant coffee.

Manufacturers normally add sugar and coffee creamer to make it a “3-in-1” and that’s how the term was coined. “2-in-1” simply means the absence of the coffee creamer for those who prefer their coffee black.

What are the differences?

Aside from the taste and flavour, there are only two differences between instant coffee and freshly brewed when it comes to nutrition. Firstly, instant coffee contains more of a chemical called Acrylamide. Don’t panic just yet, acrylamide is a naturally occurring chemical that is the result of a reaction between amino acids and sugar when heat is applied. Acrylamide is present in a lot of foods but is found especially high in high-carbohydrate foods that have been cooked at high temperatures.

The second difference is instant coffee contains lesser caffeine as compared to freshly brewed coffee. The amount of caffeine varies from brand to brand. You can learn more about the effects of coffee on your body here!

So in conclusion, there is no truth in instant coffee being more harmful to your health as compared to freshly brewed coffee. However, we still believe in taking food in appropriation. Try to limit your caffeine intake to 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day!

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