Latte or Long Black?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to their daily cuppa. There is a huge variety of what you can add to your coffee and how it can impact the overall taste of it. From sugar to cinnamon, there’s really no limit on additional ingredients but one very common addition to many people’s palate is milk.

Today we’re here to share with you some reasons whether you should have your coffee with milk or sans-milk.

  • Milk-less if you want to lose weight

If you are actively watching your diet and hitting the treadmill to lose weight, having your coffee without milk or sugar will help your weight loss goal by a lot. A cup of black coffee contains only 1 to 5 calories while the same cup of coffee with milk and white sugar added can go up to 50 calories!  

  • Milk-less if lactose intolerant or sensitive to laxatives

This goes without saying, nobody understands your body more than yourself. If you find yourself going to the loo more often in the morning to take a number 2, you might want to skip adding milk or creamers in your coffee as milk has a natural laxative characteristic.

  • Milk if having coffee in the evening

For those who just need that extra cup of coffee to keep you going for the second half of the day, having your coffee as black as the night sky will give you much more mental awareness and clarity. But it might also give you the jitters as you are about to go to bed. Hence, adding that extra 50 calories might help you get to bed easier as it limits the effects of the caffeine.

  • Milk if sensitive to acidity

People who have a more sensitive digestive system can opt for adding milk into their coffee as black coffee have a naturally high pH level. We also advise to include more water in your diet as this eases and neutralises the overall acidity level in your body.

  • Milk for prevention of oesophageal cancer

Drinking a very hot cup of coffee can damage the tissues in your throat. These thermal burns can result in oesophageal cancer if it happens very regularly. Adding milk to your coffee can reduce the temperature enough so that you would not scald your tastebuds and throat.

Whether you prefer your coffee with or without milk, there will definitely be pros and cons to both sides of the coin. Let us know if you take your coffee black or with milk in the comments section!

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