Matcha Latte For The Lazybones

Matcha, a millennium old tradition of the Japanese and Chinese culture and then popularized in recent years by infusing it into ice-cream and pastries, is essentially finely grounded powder of green tea leaves.

Along with its versatility, you can find almost any sort of dish with matcha in it, with the fine green powder contains a slew of health benefits.

Top Three Health Benefits of Matcha

1. High in antioxidants. Antioxidants are superb nutrients and enzymes that help keep your skin look young and battle a number of life-threatening ailments. But not all antioxidants are equal and matcha contains a high amount of catechin, ECG which is widely known for its cancer-fighting characteristics.

2. Aids in weight loss. Fitness freaks will love this as studies showed that catechin, ECG boosts your body's metabolism rate and fat-burning abilities.

3. Contains caffeine. The reason why many people are swapping out their morning cup of joe for matcha is that matcha does contain caffeine. Word has been out that replacing coffee with matcha tea helps prevent mid-day meltdowns and stabilize blood sugar, energy, and overall anxiety levels.

Alright, so you've decided to try out this delicious looking beverage but after looking up online, it doesn't sound that simple to brew this heavenly cup of green tea greatness. Don't sweat it, our 3-in-1 Green Tea Latte is guaranteed to hit the spot everytime! We even nicknamed it Green Goblin because we love that colour so much.

Simply mix one tablespoon of matcha powder with 150ml of hot water and that's it! A carefully formulated cup of milk and matcha goodness ready to be served either hot or cold. Sometimes, even the greatest takes the shortest path to success. At almighty, we select only the purest of raw ingredients from our very own farms and see it all the way through till it arrives at your doorstep.

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