Tips for Achieving the Best Coffee

So you’ve decided to take the leap of faith and start brewing your own coffee from home using beans or grounds. But after a few weeks of having fun and getting your hands dirty, you realise that there’s still something missing from your cuppa.

While reading this article will not get you to such a level because it takes years of experience to hone such skills and craft, it certainly can take your coffee brewing skills to the next level. So today we are sharing with you some tips and tricks in achieving a better cup of coffee from home!

  • Buying good coffee

    Coffee beans are best used within a few days after roasting them. Hence, you should buy your beans from a local roaster, bring unroasted beans to them to roast it for you or you can roast them from home yourself. If all those sound too bothersome for you, then you still can purchase coffee beans in bags but look out for bags that use vacuum seal or any form of seals which rids the bag of any form of air. The coffee oils on the walls of unsealed bags will turn rancid which will result in bad coffee.

    • Choosing good coffee

      Buying good coffee and choosing good ones are two similar but still quite different ball games. Beyond the hugely marketed commercial brands, there are many specialities and gourmet coffee that are around the same price but of very different blends and flavours! Be bold and venture out of your comfort zone to try the different coffee beans variations! Just trying out the different variations from a specific country of origin is enough to last years! The general rule of the thumb is to choose Arabica coffee over Robusta ones. Robusta beans are not “worse” than Arabica ones, they just don’t have as complex and defined flavours as compared to Arabica ones. You can learn more about the differences in Arabica and Robusta beans here.

      • Grind your own beans.

        The reason why even big cafes like Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf only grind their beans before brewing and serving it to you is that coffee starts losing their quality almost immediately after grinding. So it will be good practise to leave the coffee beans as it is, in its bean form, during storage and only grind them to grounds when you want to brew it. Coffee connoisseurs swear upon expensive burr mills because the consistency of the grind is very fine and even throughout. But normal and more affordable blade grinders also does the job fine.

        • Store it right.

          If your coffee beans came in a bag that doesn’t have a seal, take them out and place them into airtight containers. Those cute little mason jars with rubber gaskets seals work just fine and it also acts as a good decoration to your kitchen table top! It is strongly advised never to refrigerate or freeze coffee beans as coffee beans are porous and will absorb the moisture and scents of the foods in your refrigerator.

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