Almighty King's Selection Single Origin Beans (250g pack)

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Our King’s Selection Arabica beans are the highlight of Almighty coffee. All of our beans are processed using the washed/wet hulling method or the full wash method to provide you with the highest of quality and flavour upon unboxing.

Preparation Instructions :

FRENCH PRESS AND MOKA POT (For deep and aromatic brews)

For the best cup of coffee, grind medium to fine and steep in a French Press for up to 4 minutes. Remember to rinse the French Press in warm or hot water before usage.

Almighty Single Origin coffee beans work well with Moka pots for espressos and a much deeper and aromatic taste.

DRIP FILTERS AND COFFEE MACHINES (For a lighter taste with greater floral characteristics)

Pour hot boiling water over ground coffee in a coffee filter and allow to drip through. If using a coffee machine, use 60 grams of ground coffee (or more if you like a stronger brew) and allow to process.

Our Aceh Gayo beans are :

  • Grown 3900 feet above sea level
  • Processed using the washed/wet hulling method
  • Winey aroma and complex flavour
  • High acidity and full body

Our Bali Kintamani beans are :

  • Grown 3900 feet above sea level
  • Full wash process
  • Lemony aroma and flavour
  • Hints of spicy notes
  • Medium to high acidity and medium body

Our Sulawesi Toraja beans are :

  • Grown in the Tana Toraja Highlands between 3200 – 4800 feet
  • Processed using the full wash method
  • Excellent floral aroma and flavour
  • High acidity balanced with a medium body

Our Sumatra Mandheling beans are :

  • Processed using the wet hulling method
  • Strong earthy taste
  • Herbal aroma and flavour
  • Medium to low acidity with a full body